Golden Hour at the Farm

We see lots of visitors and photographers out here at the farm. It's so fun to see their beautiful pictures, and their own unique take on how they present the animals. This time, I was the subject, and I got to get all spiffed up when I went out to do the chores. Believe me, chores and feeding time is the opposite of glamorous. Between alpaca spit fights, goat kicks, and shoveling poop, some days I am hanging on by a thread. Or a chicken, in this case.

But in moments like these, during a glorious end of summer golden hour, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such sweet animals. I am so grateful to the wonderful photographer Ian Kirby for capturing these beautiful moments. You can see that Patch is pretty thrilled also!
As a small business owner, I am fierce supporter of other small businesses. In one of these photos you'll see me and my daughter, Lucy Hutchins. She started her own online thrift shop -- Moby Thrift -- with her husband a few years ago. Their Instagram is @mobythrift, and it's a riot to follow. The awesome vintage Bruce Springsteen shirt that I'm wearing is from their shop! The very talented Tyllar Hubbard made the David Bowie vintage tee flannel that I'm wearing, so go give her a follow on Instagram at @sti.tch.ed.
Feel free to message me if you want to schedule a time to take pictures out here, or just come for a farm visit. Enjoy the following pictures from our photo shoot with Ian Kirby. During these crisp fall days, I love having visitors, so come and visit! Harrison and the gang would love to see you, especially during the golden hour. 

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